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Equipoise Technologies is a market-leading technology provider in the Pacific Northwest for sensing technologies, precision measurement, Automation, data acquisition and UV adhesive systems.
Clean energy solutions! We have been working for years with companies in the Pacific NW to develop products for alternative energy. Sensors are enabling a
new generation of solutions for this industry. If you are looking for a partner that understands the
various technologies involved and is passionate about it, please 
Contact us - we're here to help.
Embedded Sensing
Representing Micro Epsilon, Tekscan, and Inprox Technologies, we provide a broad range of sensing technologies- pressure, force, temperature, position, fluid properties, velocity, vibration and humidity among many others. We assist in the selection & integration of these technologies into a wide range of applications and products in the aerospace, industrial, medical and semiconductor markets.

Test & Measurement
Micro Epsilon provides industry leading non contact measurement solutions for displacement, profiling, temperature & color. Displacement can be measured with nanometer resolution by optical, eddy current or capacitive technologies. Profiling of surfaces, beads & gaps can be captured at 1.2 million points per second and temperature accurately determined from -50 to 1800 C at +/-0.1 C resolution on a variety of surfaces & energy sources including flames. Color can be measured in LAB to better than 0.5% Delta E.

Tekscan offers the unique capability of determining dynamic force and pressure distribution with spatial resolutions down to 0.6mm and pressures as high as 20,000 PSI.

Software & System Integration
Equipoise & Simplexity have partnered to provide turnkey solutions for difficult measurement & inspection solutions. Additionally, if you have a product idea and need a tested, trustworthy and reliable company to collaborate with, PDG Oncore can make it happen quickly.

Data Logging and Acquisition
These are key components to any test & measurement application. CAS Dataloggers has a wide range of solutions from basic temperature and humidity logging to multiplexed acquisition at 50MHz with 32 bit resolution.



The optoNCDT 2300 is the latest high-end model of laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon. The new series offers an adjustable measuring rate up to 49 kHz (true output) with a best in class 0.02% linearity. Can be interfaced via EtherCAT web browser. The optoNCDT 2300 is ideal for the most challenging applications in either diffuse or specular mode and can even measure the thickness of transparent materials.

Tekscan Solving the toughest tactile pressure measurement problems and providing important insight into STATIC and DYNAMIC pressure events. Tekscan can save you money in design, design verification, reengineering, and machine set-up costs.

Micro Epsilon's LLT2750 scanner is capable of scanning a 640 pixel line at 2000Hz resulting in an output of 1.28 million points per second. The controller is integral to the laser head and can be used for cost effective bead / gap compliance, surface measurements and much more.


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